We are looking for responsible, reliable and respectful individuals to help us deliver an unforgettable night at the Robinson May Ball 2022. Please see below for our current vacancies. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our employment officers.

Site Assistants 

We are looking for reliable individuals who have a positive and productive approach to work. Successful workers are required either before or after the ball.

Set up worker
£30 (2pm - 6pm)

You will help with general tasks required by the committee. The tasks involve putting up gazebos and fences; moving things; positioning bins around the college.

Clear up worker
£40 (6am - 11am)

We require reliable and meticulous individuals to help us clear up once the Ball has come to an end. The tasks involve collecting rubbish, taking down gazebos and helping production companies move out equipment, kit, etc.

"Half-on, Half-off"

These roles allow you to enjoy half of Robinson May Ball in return for working half. We offer workers for the 2nd half of the night the opportunity to work together with their friends. Most importantly, we are looking for determined, reliable and friendly individuals. 


We are looking for friendly and personable individuals who can diligently assist with our catering needs throughout the night. You will be given a variety of roles in serving food and drinks at food points set up around the college as well as liaising with the area supervisors. Previous experience is not required but certainly a bonus!


There is nothing more reassuring than having reliable, flexible and responsible workers to help the smooth running of the ball. This role requires adaptability as you may face a variety of roles which may include assisting with fire stewards, bar, litter management, security, and many more as and when it is needed. 

Ents runners

For the smooth and successful running of the night's entertainment, we require efficient and attentive individuals. This role involves working directly with the performers, guiding them around college, and liaising with stage supervisors. No requirement for prior experience but any relevant experience is a good bonus!

Fire stewards

We require responsible individuals to guard fire exits during the ball. All successful candidates must attend fire steward training in the week before the ball


We are looking for stationed workers for the cloakroom. The role will involve careful management and organisation of garments/valuables.

All night supervisor roles

All workers are required for the entire night of the Ball (19:00 to 06:00).
There a varying roles and responsibilities which are outlined below.
We are looking for strong team leaders who take pride in their roles.  All paid at £100.

Bar Supervisor

Nobody wants to run out of beverages midway through the night! We require a sensible and responsible individuals to manage the bar workers and to monitor the stock meticulously throughout the night. Successful candidates will meet with the bar manager to discuss the parameters of the role and protocols to follow. Prior hospitality experience is desirable, not not a mandatory requirement for the role.

Stage manager

Stages can easily become overwhelming without a careful and attentive management. We are looking for a forward thinking and efficient individuals to oversee ents runners, ensuring the smooth running of both the schedule and technology. Although previous ents experience will be desirable, no specific experience is required when applying.

Area Supervisor

For the night to be successful, we must ensure that all workers are cared for. Area supervisors will help the committee to assist other supervisors with worker related issues and help with the changeovers. Thus, this role requires individuals that are confident, responsible and organised who are able to think constructively. Prior managerial experience is desirable, but not a requirement for the application.

Chief supervisor

As the chief supervisor, you will liaise closely with the employment officers to oversee the entire ball. Tasks will involve reallocation of workers between designated areas controlled by area supervisors and run a 'hit squad' to deal with emergencies. Prior managerial experience is desirable, but not a requirement for the application.